Web Development

Mobile-First Approach

As of mid 2021, more than half of internet traffic is generated by mobile devices. For that reason, it is particularly important to ensure that the developed website is responsive and follows best practices of mobile-first web development.

Web development projects that we build deliver top notch responsiveness, as their various UI elements change their sizes and positioning with different device screen dimensions. Furthermore, interactive website components not only work well with the mouse cursor, but also also optimized for touch input of smartphones and tablets. Consequently, our websites offer consistent user experience on all supported devices.

Attractive Design

For any product, service or business, its website plays important role in the overall brand image. For that reason it is particularly important to design it in a manner that offers distinctive user experience since the very first second of the user's visit. In an effort to meet these requirements, we keep a clean, modern and professional look and feel of our web projects often taking inspiration from design systems such as material design.

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Why iqcode?

What makes our websites stand out?

Load Times

Modern technologies such as Gatsby.js allow us to deliver great website performance.


Thanks to a wide variety of technologies that we use, we can keep up with your project's growth.


Our elaborate backend development skills allow us to implement innovative functionalities without being limited to out-of-the-box solutions.

Technologies that we use




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Complex IT Projects

Web development is only the tip of the iceberg of what we do at iqcode. Thanks to our wide variety of software development technologies, we can deliver IT projects cross-cutting numerous domains areas of expertise.

We often develop custom integrations of our websites with internal CRM and ERP systems, e-commerce platforms and analytical apps tailored to the client's business domain.