Our Tech Stack

PHP and jQuery? We don't to that here.

iqcode Tech Stack

Choosing an appropriate technology stack is crucial for the software project's performance, stability and maintainability.

At iqcode we us a wide variety of cutting-edge software development technologies, which allow us to deliver IT projects without unnecessary technical debt. As a result, our projects offer great performance, safety and scalability while remaining open to modification and extension so as to easily adjust to ever-changing business environment.

Our areas of expertise include creation of modern progressive web apps (PWAs) in React.js, building fast and interactive websites with Gatsby.js and scalable server-side applications in Node.js, often leveraging microservices architecture for larger projects.

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Backend Technologies

Geeky stuff powering our server-side applications


Server-side JavaScript runtime environment which allows for creation of performant, I/O intensive backend applications.


Progressive Node.js backend application framework that integrates neatly with TypeScript.


The world's most popular programming language that we use for building web apps, data science and machine learning projects.


A modern programming language that we use for creating performance-focused backend applications as well as plugins for DevOps tools.


In-memory database most commonly used as backend application read/write cache as well as a rate limiting store.


Open-source relational database offering high availability and scalability thanks to its replication functionality.


Modern NoSQL database capable of storing enormous amounts of conveniently structured data leveraging the document-oriented data model.

Apache Kafka


Distributed stream processing platform that we use as a means of asynchronous communication between microservices.

Frontend Technologies

For websites, Single Page Apps (SPAs) and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)


A modern library aiding creation of browser interfaces leveraging the component model.


React.js ecosystem for developing fast, interactive and secure static websites.



React.js framework for building web applications rendered both on the sever side and the client side.

Mobile Technologies

That we use to create Android and iOS apps

React Native

A well-known hybrid framework for creating mobile apps for Android i iOS from a single codebase.


A modern, performance-focused alternative for React Native.


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iOS and iPadOS programming language for building truly native mobile applications.