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Performant and scalable server-side applications

Backend Development

Virtually all PWAs, mobile apps and web apps require an appropriate backend application, which is a server-side program responsible for data mutations, user authentication, data analytics and administrative functionalities.

We design and build performant and scalable server-side applications deployed in environments that guarantee high availability and data security. Our wide range of programming languages and frameworks allows us to ship projects ranging from simple MVPs all the way up to complex distributed systems in microservices architecture, machine learning solutons and real-time data processing projects.

Microservices Architecture
Machine Learning
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Backend Technologies

Our backend development tech stack


Server-side JavaScript runtime environment which allows for creation of performant, I/O intensive backend applications.


Progressive Node.js backend application framework that integrates neatly with TypeScript.


The world's most popular programming language that we use for building web apps, data science and machine learning projects.


A modern programming language that we use for creating performance-focused backend applications as well as plugins for DevOps tools.


In-memory database most commonly used as backend application read/write cache as well as a rate limiting store.


Open-source relational database offering high availability and scalability thanks to its replication functionality.


Modern NoSQL database capable of storing enormous amounts of conveniently structured data leveraging the document-oriented data model.

Apache Kafka


Distributed stream processing platform that we use as a means of asynchronous communication between microservices.

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All-rounded IT project delivery

Backend development is not the only area of our expertise. We deliver complex IT projects starting starting at the requirements engineering stage, through development works and project consulting regarding the app's public start finishing off with rock-solid tech support, data-driven analytics and iterative evolution of the digital product.

Our wide variety of mobile, web and server-side technologies allows us to deliver complex IT projects cross-cutting numerous software engineering areas.

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