Mobile Development

Agile development of performant mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

The mobile app market has been developing quite rapidly. Due to widespread usage of hybrid technologies such as React Native or Flutter, the entry barrier to this kind of a digital product has never been lower, resulting in an increasing number of small and medium businesses introducing their own mobile apps.

We design, develop and ship mobile applications for Android and iOS. What makes our project stand out is excellent user experience achieved by UI responsiveness and its intuitive layout. In conjunction with our custom-developed server-side applications, we deliver complete digital products.

React Native

Blazingly Fast

Native technologies in conjunction with properly optimized source offer make the UI feel snappy.

Unique UX

Our out-of-the-box solutions allow for creating truly unique experiences.

App Store Optimization

We optimize the developed applications so as to make it easier to find them in app stores.

Custom Backend

Our custom-developed server-side applications ensure flawless integration.

Technologies that we use

React Native


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All-rounded Mobile Development

Virtually all mobile apps require and appropriate server-side application in order to deliver all of their functionalities.

We deliver complex IT projects starting at the requirements engineering stage, through development works following agile principles and project consulting regarding the app's public start finishing off with rock-solid tech support, data-driven analytics and iterative evolution of the digital product.

Our wide variety of mobile, web and server-side technologies allows us to deliver complex IT projects cross-cutting numerous software engineering areas devoid of technical debt.