Progressive Web Apps

A modern alternative for mobile apps

Between Mobile Apps and Websites

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a new type of digital products bridging the gap between mobile applications and websites. While PWAs run inside the web browser, they can be installed on the user's device and opened in fullscreen mode offering user experience similar to those of native mobile applications.

PWAs have been introduced as a remedy for increasing reluctance of users to download new apps from App Store and Play Store. Since a progressive web app can be distributed via a plain link, it significantly decreases the user's entry barrier while retaining numerous functionalities typical of mobile apps.



A single PWA can be installed Android and iOS smartphones, as well as on PCs and laptops.

Rapid development

Newer versions can be released instantly without awaiting the app store operator's approval.

Lower production costs

Since PWAs use web technologies, such projects are usually less expensive than mobile apps of equivalent functionality.

Bypass app store fee

Since PWAs are no distributed via app stores, there is no commission on transactions completed within them.

Technologies that we use






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All-rounded IT projects

Virtually all progressive web apps require and appropriate server-side application in order to deliver all of their functionalities.

We deliver complex IT projects starting at the requirements engineering stage, through development works following agile principles and project consulting regarding the app's public start finishing off with rock-solid tech support, data-driven analytics and iterative evolution of the digital product.

Our wide variety of mobile, web and server-side technologies allows us to deliver complex IT projects cross-cutting numerous software engineering areas devoid of technical debt.

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