DevOps Services

Between software development and operations

DevOps and SysAdmin Services

DevOps is a practice that aims to improve the cooperation between teams responsible for development and operations in software projects.

As a software house, we offer DevOps services including maintaining applications in production environments width strict SLA requirements, configuring CI/CD pipelines and consulting in the area of software engineering best practices.

We deploy the majority of our DevOps solutions in Kubernetes, which is a modern distributed systems environment allowing for orchestration of contenerized applications ensuring their high availability.

Server Administration
Continuos Integration and Deployment
Cloud Migration
Application Monitoring

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DevOps Technologies

Our DevOps tech stack



Distributed systems environment which allows for running contenerized applications ensuring resilience to faults of the underlying infrastructure.


Virtualization ecosystem used for wrapping applications with their configuration in portable containers.



Innovative monitoring suite responsible for collecting application metrics in a distributed environment.



Open-source web and reverse-proxy server commonly used as an ingress controller in Kubernetes clusters.


Modern source code repository hosting platform which allows for creation of continuos integration and deployment pipelines.


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A tool which allows for automatic and reliable provisioning of cloud resources defined declaratively as code.

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All-rounded Software projects delivery

Aside from DevOps services that we offer in conjunction with creation and maintenance of our IT projects, we also implement CI/CD pipelines for development teams of other software houses, perform migrations from on-premise to public cloud and offer Linux server administration services.

DevOps services are not everything that we have to offer. Our wide variety of mobile, web and server-side technologies allows us to deliver complex IT projects cross-cutting numerous software engineering areas devoid of technical debt.

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